A 'COAT of Hopes' has been displayed in Haworth as part of an ongoing pilgrimage around Britain.

The coat, adorned with hundreds of patches sewn on by people to represent their hopes for the earth and the future, began its 'journey' in 2021.

Initially it was walked from Newhaven on the south coast of England to Glasgow for the COP26 climate conference.

Now it is journeying southwards, and spent several days in Haworth.

Village rector, the Rev Oli Preston, collaborated with textiles artist Anna Scott – from Bronte Upholstery – to bring the garment to the area.

The Rev Preston walked the coat the ten miles to Haworth Parish Church from its previous stop-off point, Bradford Cathedral.

The garment was then the focus of several events and activities.

On the evening of its arrival in Haworth, there were prayers and reflection at the parish church.

The following day, the coat was seen around the village, and several repair workshops – which anyone could attend – took place over three days. There was also an opportunity for people to meet some of the coat makers.

"It was really exciting to be part of the coat’s journey around the country," said the Rev Preston.

"What a privilege it was for us at Haworth Parish Church to host such a magnificent piece of art, which illustrates so many communities' hopes and fears for our environment."

Liz Waddington welcomed the coat to her yoga class at West Lane Baptist Church.

"There was an opportunity for students to connect with the coat and wear it and we sang," she says.

"The session was planet and universe themed.

"We then walked with the coat in procession to the parish church for a repair and sewing session."

The coat set off on the next leg of its journey, to Hebden Bridge, yesterday (July 3).

A spokesperson for the Coat of Hopes team says: "The coat’s pattern of life is to walk for a number of days and then stay in a place, on display or undergoing creative repair, until a group of pilgrims is able to walk it on again.

"We are committed to keep the coat walking and working whilst the climate and ecological situation remains an emergency.

"Each person who has had a part in the making of a patch, or has encountered this garment on its journey, has a place in its story."