A SCARECROW festival is being held in Riddlesden.

Residents and businesses are being invited to take part in the event, from August 3 to 11.

The festival will promote reuse of materials.

Special 'scarecrow kits' – including bamboo canes, timber stakes and straw, in a compostable paper bag – will be available from Riddlesden Green Connection, at St Mary's Meeting Room, on the morning of Saturday, July 13.

Festival organiser, Chelsea Jones, says: "We already have multiple participants, and some businesses have donated prizes and are participating.

"The festival will also promote the recycling and reuse of household waste, to ensure there is no negative impact on the environment.

"There will be an exchange day for people to bring their old clothing and waste which can be used to make the scarecrows.

"I want to try to help connect families and neighbours, and the scarecrow festival is a simple and fun way to bring the community further together.

"A leaflet with the scarecrow route will be available soon."

The festival will also include a scarecrow walk – led by Muppett – on August 6, and a fun day involving all the village churches on August 10.

To register your scarecrow, email chelseajones7991@outlook.com