A KEIGHLEY woman has won recognition for her work supporting people with mental health issues and raising awareness.

Saliha Sadiq – a qualified social worker – is co-chair and mental health director of the Millan Centre in Bradford, and works part-time for the NHS.

She was highly commended in the Leading Lights of the Year category at the first British Asian Women's Awards.

Now she has received a certificate of recognition from Keighley Town Council.

The certificate was presented by the town mayor, Councillor Gulfraz Hussain.

Saliha – who was born and grew up in Keighley, and now lives at East Morton – says: "I have worked and volunteered for over 25 years helping people with mental health issues and received various accolades during that time, but to be presented with an award from my home town is a huge honour.

"I was also honoured to be accompanied at the presentation by Zafar Iqbal, my uncle and dear friend of my late father.

"We talked about my father, Mohammed Sadiq, who did so much for the community.

"My parents set many positive examples, and their lessons have guided me throughout my journey to reach out to people who need support."