AN actor familiar with Keighley audiences is treading the boards once again this month.

Jonny Tate is returning to Bingley Little Theatre to take on his latest role.

He plays Sam in Harold Pinter's critically-acclaimed play, The Homecoming.

"Sam can be meek and subservient – it is a character unlike the ones I usually play!" says Jonny, who has performed this season with Keighley Musical Theatre Company and the Bradford Catholic Players.

The Homecoming sees a family of butchers and boxers living in a small house in East London and when academic son Teddy returns home from America, with a wife his family has never met, a power struggle between man, wife and in-laws ensues.

A Bingley Little Theatre spokesperson says: "Teddy – a professor at an American university – returns to his childhood home accompanied by his wife Ruth to find his father, uncle and brothers still living there.

"Ruth's presence ignites an explosive situation – one that is vicious, funny and unsettling in the subsequent series of encounters. Life becomes a barely camouflaged battle for power and sexual supremacy fought out with taut verbal brutality.

"Who will emerge victorious – the poised and elegant Ruth, or her husband’s dysfunctional family?

"A talented cast of well-known and very accomplished local actors brings this drama to life.

"Audiences are promised a powerful theatrical experience, witnessing the power of Pinter’s signature dialogue, pauses and tension."

Other cast members include Julian Freeman, who plays Max.

He says: "Max is a complex character; is he caught in a circle? He is constantly having to vie for position in the testosterone-filled house."

Elliott Matthews – who can be seen both on and off stage at Bingley Little Theatre, reading and as part of the casting committee – is playing the part of Joey.

He says: "There is something quite endearing about Joey's simplicity. He really doesn’t need much to be happy!"

The spokesperson adds: "Bingley Little Theatre is known for its commitment to bringing thought-provoking and high-quality productions to the community, and we are proud to be involved in Bradford City of Culture 2025.

"The Homecoming is certainly a thought-provoking drama."

The production runs at Bingley Little Theatre from next Monday (July 15) until Saturday, July 20.

Performances start at 7.30pm.

For further information about the production and other Bingley Little Theatre events, visit

Tickets are available through a link on the website.