A NATIONAL awards programme launched by a Keighley entrepreneur has been hailed as a huge success.

The Blue Bricks Property Awards were aimed at recognising the efforts of ethical property investors.

Accolades were handed out across several categories – from Community Contributor Award, for those having a positive impact on their communities, to the Co-Living Award, to honour those creating attractive co-living spaces.

The awards ceremony was held at Peckforton Castle, Cheshire.

Behind the initiative was Sam Cooke, editor of Blue Bricks Magazine.

"The event was a complete sell-out – with 250 landlords in attendance," says Sam, who has lived in Keighley all his life.

"It was a huge success.

"Many of the trophy winners were recognised for helping charities, and one of the big honours was for providing supported living accommodation.

"This was the first property awards ceremony to focus on ethics and ethical investment.

"It's no secret that landlords often get a bad reputation. I want to change this negative stereotype by putting a spotlight on the best of the industry and showing there are a lot of people operating within property who are doing good. There are some amazing people in property making a real difference in their communities."

Sam joined Blue Bricks Magazine in 2021 as its marketing manager, and bought the business the following year.