All that is left of a set of letter-stones set in a flower bed at Lund Park is pictured opposite.

It is part of a trail of destruction in the Keighley park by vandals who smashed the letters and re-arranged them to read “rund paki”.

This week the chairman of a group which works to make the park a welcoming place condemned the desecration as “senseless”.

The vandals also wrecked a public information board.

Roy Williams, of the Lund Park Community Group, said: “A great deal of effort and time had been taken planning and preparing a set of stones to sit in a flowerbed to read Lund Park. There had also been lovely flowers around the letters and when the sun was shining it looked beautiful.

“At least, it looked beautiful until last Saturday morning when sheer, senseless vandalism became evident.

“Someone had decided they would take a large object to smash the letters, throw some of the stones elsewhere and dig up the remaining stones, rearranging them to read ‘rund paki’.

“I do not know what these two words are supposed to convey, or who was responsible for arranging them, but I do know many residents around the Lund Park area will be saddened. Vandalism and racist graffiti benefits no one.”

He said the stones had been installed at the Grafton Road end of the park by Bradford Council and had only been in place for a few months.

He said the noticeboard — which is in the centre of the park — is owned by the community group.

He said one of its two perspex doors had been wrenched loose, while the other had been ripped off entirely and then set alight.

He said information sheets relating to future plans for the park had been stolen from the board and possibly destroyed.

He explained his group had been due to hold its annual meeting yesterday, adding that until last weekend its agenda had been looking very positive.

He said: “However, the agenda will change to address these despicable acts of cowardice and thoughtlessness.

“The community around Lund Park is wonderful, but it only takes a few to upset the majority.”

Insp Wayne Horner, of the Keighley Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT), said: “An incident of vandalism at Lund Park has been reported to police and officers from the Keighley NPT have visited the site and conducted house to house inquiries in the area.

“An investigation is ongoing and anyone who has information should contact the Keighley NPT on 01535 617119.”

Bradford Council’s parks and recreational spaces manager, Ian Day, said: “This was a project we carried out with the Friends of Lund Park and the damage was noticed by our park rangers and reported to the police.

“We are tidying the area and planting spring flowering plants, however, the stone letters are beyond repair.

“We share the disappointment of residents caused by this mindless vandalism and would urge anyone with information to contact the police.”