A world-travelled chef — originally from Steeton — brought his bride back to Skipton to marry her for the third time.

Trevor Hambley met and married Thai girl Ying for the first time two years ago while globetrotting the world cooking for Formula One racing teams.

And now, the couple have married for the third time — at Skipton Register Office — in front of family and friends.

Trevor was executive chef for the Honda Formula One team before moving on to chef for the Red Bull team.

The couple were first married on November 10, 2008, in a Buddhist ceremony, in front of 300 guests, in a small village in northern Thailand. But then Trevor landed a job as head chef in one of Northern Ireland’s leading hotels, Beech Hill Country House, in Londonderry.

Ying was barred from entering the country, because the UK authorities did not recognise the Buddhist marriage as legally binding and would not grant her a visa. So Trevor flew back to Thailand where wedding number two was held on September 10, 2009, at a register office in the Thai capital, Bangkok.

Ying, 30, quickly received her visa and has now joined her husband in Londonderry.

But Trevor, 37, felt that his family back in Steeton — mum and dad, Christine and Richard Hambley, of Parkway, sister, Debbie, and his many friends — had missed an important part of his life. So, he arranged for a third ceremony to take place at Skipton Register Office.