Ingrow East station — seen here from both directions — opened in 1884 on the Great Northern line, which provided Keighley with a railway link to Halifax and Bradford by way of Queensbury.

Despite the engineering feats involved in its construction, this line had a comparatively short life: passenger services were withdrawn in May of 1955, when protesters were told that it was losing some £46,000 a year.

The last Saturday-night train from Bradford to Keighley carried only 14 passengers, five of whom were travelling simply because it was the last — three members of the Leeds and West Riding branch of the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society and the Mayor and Mayoress of Keighley, Mr and Mrs Noel Johns, making the last public appearance of their mayoral year of office.

The last train in the opposite direction carried mainly young passengers who had been to the Keighley cinemas.

The vicinity of Ingrow East station featured in a “secret research experiment” in 1957, when British Rail deliberately derailed a driverless engine in order to test a new type of sleeper.

News of this “dummy crash” had leaked out and 50 railway police and officials were needed to keep the public at a respectable distance.

Amateur and press photographers were banned from the site.

Both photographs have been supplied by Mr Kevin Seaton, of Shann Lane, Keighley.