A new BBC drama due to be screened late this month will be full of local flavour.

South Riding will feature scenes filmed in the council chamber of Keighley Town Hall.

For the drama’s two railway sequences the BBC used vintage carriages from the Ingrow Museum of Rail Travel.

These were transported by road from Ingrow to the filming location in the East Midlands.

Carriages and steam locomotives from the museum – which is owned by the Vintage Carriages Trust – have been used in more than 60 television programmes and films.

For South Riding, the Ingrow Museum of Rail Travel provided two carriages, including one built in 1919.

This has already been used in at least 20 productions, including the 2007 version of Brideshead Revisited and the classic 1970 film The Railway Children.

The second carriage, constructed in 1923, has also appeared in a range of television productions, including The Forsyte Saga and Hound of the Baskervilles.

Paul Holroyd, filming liaison officer for the trust, said: “We’ve previously transported our carriages to various locations around England. Naturally, we’re very pleased and honoured to be selected by BBC TV for this prestigious production.

“Its team comprises people with a proven track record of high-quality period dramas.”