A play about climate change written by a former Keighley man is touring schools in Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Nick Ahad based his drama Nor Any Drop on his experiences visiting his father's birthplace in Bangladesh.

He contrasts the fictional stories of teenage boys in Bangladesh and England who both face floods.

Nick, 34, grew up in Keighley with an English mother and a Bangladeshi father, who ran an off-licence in Ingrow.

Nick, a journalist, has been trying to break into theatre writing for several years.

He was commissioned to write Nor Any Drop by Oldham-based Peshkar Productions through his involvement in a writing course in the town.

He and the production team travelled to Bangladesh and met people in the same situation he was writing about.

He stayed in the country to visit his father's birthplace and begin writing the play at his grandfather's house.

Nick said: “It’s amazing that my dad left this tiny place in the jungle when he was 12, and there I was at 35 sitting on the same porch writing my first draft.”

Peshkar originally planned to tour Nor Any Drop in theatres nationally but funding fell through.

Instead he has teamed up with Leeds theatre company Red Ladder to take the play to schools in the North.

While disappointed the play would not be seen by adult audiences, Nick hoped it would have an effect on children.

He said: “I saw a play when I was a pupil at St Andrew's School in Keighley and I fell in love with theatre.”

Nor Any Drop follows the lives of five characters connected by the effects of climate change in the UK and Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh a single mother, left homeless by the flood that killed her husband, is forced to steal to feed her family.

In England, a 16-year old British Bangladeshi is curious about his background and a trip to Bangladesh changes his views about the country.