Construction students in Keighley have been given a masterclass in restoring Victorian and Edwardian buildings.

About 45 students at the Keighley Campus of Leeds City College were taught by contractors who are currently restoring historic Keighley buildings.

The builders passed on traditional techniques needed to restore historic buildings such as those in North Street, High Street and Church Street.

The students on Level 2 and 3 courses in brickwork, carpentry and joinery learned about stone masonry, lime mortars and washes, traditional roofing techniques and alternative insulation.

Students watched demonstrations then specialist contractors helped them learn the techniques for themselves.

The afternoon was organised by Bradford Council, which is overseeing the Keighley Townscape Heritage Initiative, which aims to return town centre buildings to their former glory.

So far £40,000 has been spent on the former police station in North Street, now a civic centre, and £735,000 was recently approved to restore the arcade on North Street.