A family is appealing for the return of a treasured Military Cross stolen in a burglary.

The medal, in a presentation case, was taken with other items during a break-in at the family’s Cross Roads home.

The son of the recipient said the honour was bestowed on his late father for bravery in Normandy during the Second World War, when he was part of the 15th Scottish Reconnais- sance Regiment.

He added the burglary had happened in April last year but the theft of the medal had not been publicised until now.

“My mum was dying of terminal cancer and had no idea the medal was stolen,” he told us.

“We didn’t want her to know about it. She was very attached to it due to the fact that it was my dad’s and it meant so much to him.

“If we had told her at the time, it would’ve caused her even more distress than she was already in and would have been too much.”

Information about the medal and its theft was circulated to dealers so they could be on their guard in case they were approached by someone trying to sell it.

The family is offering a reward for the safe return of the medal and can be contacted on 07773 097737.