A Haworth musician who sang his way from Blackpool to Filey escaped a sore throat – but brought back more than £1,000 for charity.

Tim Moon walked 150 miles coast to coast, singing as he strummed on his bouzouki, in a bid to help the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Cafes and pubs along the way offered free meals and gave cash donations, while a Scarborough residential home invited him to perform to residents.

Several radio stations received reports from listeners about the mystery man seen and heard passing through their town or village.

Tim said he suffered blisters on his feet and an aching arm from holding the instrument, but despite singing for six hours a day, managed to avoid a sore throat.

He said he raised about £160 in donations along the way, with the rest of the proceeds coming through his Justgiving website.

He said: “I got a great reaction all the way, except one woman in Colne who told me to shut up! I was picked up by a lot of radio stations.”

Tim planned to pull a home-made cart with his luggage, but problems with the wheels forced him to leave it in Blackpool and use a rucksack.

He said that although he could play more than 100 instruments, he took a bouzouki because it was half the weight of a guitar.