Young people from Keighley will play the leading roles in a movie due to be filmed in Lund Park later this summer.

The film, Bottle, will focus on two young people facing the challenges of unemployment and the lure of easy money.

It is described as a love story with a happy ending despite its gritty modern-day subject matter.

The three lead actors are Lewis Todd, Jordanna Standen and Lewis Scott, and other local people will be recruited for crowd scenes.

The film is the brainchild of the Lund Park Community Group, which brings together people from different neighbourhoods around the park.

Over ten years it has worked across the white, Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities with the aim of challenging negative perceptions and building a vibrant area.

The group organises the annual Tea in the Park event and recently led a successful fundraising campaign for new play equipment.

Now the group is going into the movie business with a project led by group member David Halsall – the scriptwriter – and filmmaker David Beaumont.

Mr Halsall said the film would depict the challenges of growing up and leaving school amidst the excitement of a world of new experiences, hopes and dreams.

He said: “High unemployment and the ever-present lure of drugs and crime are never far away for the young people of Keighley. But the human spirit is strong and can always find hope and love in the belief of a better future.”

Mr Halsall said that normally a large film project would require hundreds of thousands of pounds and well known actors to succeed.

But he said: “This is a project which will involve professional filmmakers but will mainly be made by the local community for the community, about the issues that touch local people’s lives.”

Script workshops were held at Keighley arts group Smallworld, and the film will be shot during a two-week period this September.

Next month there will be a “film academy” to train those involved in the film, and casting for speaking parts and extras will take place.

A showcase event is being held at the Bangladeshi Community Association base in Kensington Street on Sunday from 2pm to 4pm.

Organisers would welcome anyone interested in acting, joining the film crew or helping in other ways.

The event is particularly aimed at local young people aged 16 to 24 and their parents. More details are available at project.html, including videos of the actors talking about why the film is important to them.