A project aims to bring volunteers together to design and build a community garden in the Beechcliffe area of Cliffe Castle Park.

The organisers of the initiative, Keighley Garden of Life, say the garden will be suitable to be enjoyed by everyone of all ages and cultures, including individuals, families, and groups of friends.

The woman behind the project, Jo Prowse, is now planning to have a launch day in the park on July 15, where residents will be invited to sign up, express their ideas and take a look at the open area earmarked for the garden.

Jo, who works in Keighley as an advocate for older people, said: “Participants will be asked to contribute £1 per person to help fund a creative workshop that will be held at Central Hall, Alice Street, at 9.30am on July 22.

“During the workshop each participant will be given a stepping-stone, which will be decorated with mosaic tiles, and ideas for the garden space will be generated through drawing, suggestion and discussion.

“There will then be a period of time where we will digest all the suggestions put forward and put together a plan of action for the execution of the garden itself.

“The actual planting will happen over the course of three gardening days, each one week apart. The precise dates will be disclosed once details have been finalised.

“We want to create a space where people can come together to enjoy being outdoors, in nature, shaping the environment and having ownership of a garden that will hopefully last for generations.

“We hope to create the garden as a permanent symbol of Keighley communities working together.”

The July 22 workshop will be led by Jo’s son, John, and John’s wife, Hollie.

Volunteers can get involved by attending the launch day from 10am in Cliffe Castle Park. You can also sponsor an item for the garden such as a rock, a bench, a picnic table, plants, flowers or a signpost.

To find out more email Jo at dalesmandala@gmail.com, visit keighleygardenoflife.

blogspot.com or facebook.com/ keighleygardenoflife.

Jo said that if the weather is bad on July 15, participants should make their way to the Cliffe Castle Park cafe in the main car park.