Teachers who have served Steeton Primary School for a combined total of 73 years have called it a day.

Liz Roxburgh, Margaret Nutter and Anne Gallagher said they had all appreciated working at such a friendly and welcoming school.

Mrs Roxburgh, of Eldwick, who was leaving after 25 years, said she had begun her teaching career in Edinburgh.

Praising Steeton Primary’s environment, she said: “It’s a very special school with lots of special people working here, which is why so many staff stay for such a long time.

“I’ve enjoyed my time here very much indeed. They’ve been happy years, full of laughs and good memories.

“I now plan to have more time to spend with family in Edinburgh, while maintaining friendships here. I’m going to do voluntary work.”

Mrs Nutter, from Gilstead, had been at Steeton Primary for 33 years. She said: “There used to be an ethos that you needed to promote yourself by moving on to different schools and changing the kind of work you were doing.

“But I haven’t had to move anywhere because there have been so many changes here – no two years have been the same.

“It’s a lovely place to be and the staff are so friendly and welcoming. Everybody mucks in to help each other. I’ve now got to the stage where I’m teaching the children of people I first taught.”

She said her departure would allow her to focus on hobbies such as running, cycling and travel, and she will also be able to spend more time with her retired husband.

Mrs Gallagher, of Oakworth, has left the school after 15 years. She previously spent 15 years as a youth worker at Whinfield Youth Club, in Braithwaite.

She said: “It’s been fantastic and I’ve been immensely proud to say that I’ve been a part of this school.

“The whole staff work together and support each other. They’re very loving and caring and that comes out in the children. I’ll be spending more time with my husband, and I’ve got two grandchildren who I’ll be looking after.”

Steeton Primary head teacher John Cooper said: “They’ve had a huge role in the success of the school.”