A CULLINGWORTH businessman who heads-up an award-winning motor dealership has hosted a top-level delegation.

Robin Luscombe, managing director of Luscombe Suzuki, was visited by some of the manufacturer’s leading figures.

He welcomed Suzuki’s head of European automobiles, Takanori Suzuki, the GB chief Nobuo Suyama and assistant, Tsuneyuki Hirose.

Takanori was on a brief fact-finding trip to Europe from his office in Hammamatsu, Japan, to examine the UK market and its future shape.

Mr Luscombe said: “Manufacturers have to think so far ahead.

“As dealers we plan for maybe three to five years, but manufacturers are thinking ten to 20 years ahead.

“At the moment, with so many changes in the industry, it’s important to give the manufacturer as much information as possible to make those long-term decisions.”