MANUFACTURING output in the region is continuing to rise, new figures show.

A survey has revealed that the output balance for Yorkshire and Humberside has increased to 43 per cent, from 39 per cent in the last quarter.

And despite uncertainty over Brexit, the upward trend is expected to be maintained for the remainder of the year.

The survey – carried out by manufacturers' organisation EEF, with accountancy and business advisory firm BDO LLP – also shows that exports regionally are outperforming domestic orders, mirroring the national picture.

But there are warnings that whilst some manufacturing sectors are benefitting from a growing global economy, it doesn't apply to all.

Richard Halstead, for EEF, said: "There are both reasons for cheer and caution in our latest survey.

"Manufacturers in many industries are continuing to benefit from growth in the global economy, expanding their exports and driving ahead with new investments.

"However, this is not an industry-wide phenomenon.

"Trade tensions, the Brexit debate reaching a crescendo and some wobbles in confidence about the UK's economic outlook continue to make their presence felt across a number of manufacturing sectors.

"If these sources of uncertainty prove to be short-lived, then growth across manufacturing looks like more of a sure thing next year. If not, then government will need to act to prevent investment plans from faltering."