YOUNGSTERS across the region have been receiving a lesson in bonfire safety.

Firefighters have visited schools to spread the 'be safe' message to pupils as Bonfire Night approaches.

Crew members distributed special wristbands, carrying the slogan, #WeAreBonfireSafe.

The West Yorkshire brigade is also urging parents to follow guidance.

Chris Kirby, area manager for service delivery, said: "We want everyone to enjoy the bonfire period safely and have a great time!

"We always urge people to go to an organised event where professionals are in charge of the fireworks – and often this is a more spectacular display.

"If you are intent on having a bonfire in your garden, then it's really important that you follow our guidance on where to site the fire, keeping it under control and ensuring both adults and youngsters are safe

around it.

"Regarding fireworks, ensure that you always buy them from a reputable retailer and follow the manufacturer's guidance and the Fireworks Code.

"We are not aiming to spoil anyone's fun, but if bonfires are lit in inappropriate places or are not being kept under control, then they pose a risk to the public and firefighters will put them out.

"So we urge people to plan their event with safety in mind."

Anybody attending an organised fireworks display is urged to be aware of the cordoned-off areas and not go beyond those points.

Further safety messages will be issued by the fire service via Twitter, @WYFRS, using #WYBonfire.