As summer gets into full swing, you might be going on holiday and preparing everything you need to take.

Are you keen to pack lots of outfits but not sure how? Look no further as I tried some TikTok packing hacks and they really did change the way I pack for a trip away.

At the time of writing, #packinghacks has 600.3 million views while #TravelHacks has 5.9 billion views on the social media platform.

I gave some of the packing hacks a go and this is how it went.

Did the TikTok packing hacks work?

Fold and roll your clothes together

Keighley News: One TikTok user encouraged viewers to roll outfits togetherOne TikTok user encouraged viewers to roll outfits together (Image: Newsquest)

The first hack I tried was a folding technique that helps you fold and roll an outfit together to help save space in your suitcase.

I thought it was a helpful tip because it not only keeps your suitcase tidy but it also encourages you to organise your outfits.

Laying your outfits out together can give you an indication of how much you need to pack for your trip and what you’ll pair with what, helping you avoid overpacking.

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It also means you can grab one outfit (one roll) out of your suitcase and know that it’s a complete outfit, saving you time when you want to get out in the sun and enjoy your holiday.

It can be a little time-consuming to put the outfits together and roll them but overall I think it’s good for staying organised.

For more details on how to pack your outfits together, you can see the video by TikTok user @the_house_acc which explains how to do it.

Roll clothes individually

Keighley News: Smaller items can be put in the gaps between the rolled clothesSmaller items can be put in the gaps between the rolled clothes (Image: Newsquest)

Another way to keep your outfits organised and neat in your suitcase is to roll them individually.

I thought this was slightly easier than the other rolling method because you grab each item of clothing, roll it and pack it into your suitcase.

The good thing about this is that the rolls are smaller than a full outfit since there’s only one item rolled.

I managed to fit plenty of rolled clothes in my suitcase and when I thought it was almost full, I was able to add some more as the rolled clothes can be packed in tighter to allow for more to be added.

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Smaller items like socks were able to fill in some of the gaps too.

If you’d like to give the rolling clothes hack a go, you can see TikTok user @thefoldinglady’s video for inspiration.

Reuse bags that your holiday clothes were delivered in

Keighley News: Zip lock bags can come in handy when packing for your tripZip lock bags can come in handy when packing for your trip (Image: Newsquest)

Another really simple packing hack is to reuse the bags your holiday clothes arrived in – for example, I used zip bags from SHEIN.

If you haven’t received bags similar to these when ordering clothes online, why not try zip bags from your local supermarket? They're available in different sizes and could come in handy for clothes and underwear or they could keep toiletries separate in case they leak.

Using the rolling clothes hack, I managed to fit a few outfits in each bag and you can let the air out before zipping the bag shut.

@kieanaaaa Love a good travel hack but this one has GOT TO BE the best cause I fit so much into one bag😫🤌🏾 #travelhack #packinghack #suitcase #carryonbag #fyp ♬ i dont wannaaaaa leave - renny

If you'd like to see how it's done, you can head over to @kieanaaaa's video on TikTok.

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What did I think of the TikTok packing hacks?

Overall, using the TikTok hacks helped me to stay organised and created some more space for my holiday essentials.

I definitely gained some inspiration and these are packing hacks that can be used for future trips too.

These packing hacks are a great and inexpensive way to make the most of your luggage space.