As we are now in December, more details about TV schedules over the Christmas period are being revealed, from classic films to one-off festive editions of our favourite series.

But now fans of 22 Kids and Counting will be delighted to learn that the much-loved family will be back on our TV screens once more this month for a Christmas special, Channel 5 has announced.

The Radford’s will be once again allowing viewers to follow their daily lives but this time during the most wonderful time of the year.

However, parents Sue and Noel appear to have one big problem - sibling rivalry that could “potentially shatter festive joy.”

A spokesperson for Channel 5 told The Mirror: "The escalating tension between Luke and Chloe, who are currently not on speaking terms, has reached a point where it could potentially shatter the festive joy.

“Adding to the turmoil, son Daniel drops a bombshell, revealing his plans to move to Australia in the upcoming year, leaving Sue devastated."

The spokesperson says Channel 5 viewers “will have to wait to find out if Noel can rise to the challenge and reunite the Radford’s, saving Christmas and preserving the essence of their unique family dynamic.”

Viewers will also see how the Radford family celebrate Christmas “with loads of presents, huge trees laden with decorations and a ‘colossal’ trolley of treats.”

When is 22 Kids and Counting at Christmas on TV?

22 Kids and Counting at Christmas will air on Channel 5 on Sunday, December 17 at 8pm.

Reacting to the news on the Radford’s Instagram post, one person said: “Oh wow fantastic news love watching you all. So lovely to you all around the table together.”

Another added: “Can't wait love you guys so much!”

“This has made my day,” beamed one account.

The much-welcomed news comes as one of the UK’s biggest families revealed they would be taking a break from filming before series four back in March this year.

Posting on Instagram at the time, Sue and Noel said: "We just want to say a huge thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown throughout our series, we truly appreciate each and every comment and message we’ve received so thank you.”

They added: “We are currently having a well earned little break from filming before heading into filming series 4 which we are very excited about.”