Two NHS workers plan to “pay off our mortgage” after winning £1 million on Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win on Saturday (January 13) night.

To win the jackpot, Helen and Charlie had to answer a question about two rival Britpop bands.

Host Anthony McPartlin made it clear to the couple that if they were to win £1 million, it would be the most money ever taken home by Limitless Win contestants.

Charlie is an NHS finance manager who likes general knowledge while Helen is an NHS communications manager who admits she is competitive.

The husband and wife first met on a blind date after Charlie’s mother suggested the meeting.

What will Helen and Charlie spend the money on?

Before winning, the couple said they wanted to spend the money on returning to Hawaii, where they went on a honeymoon, with their children.

Helen said the kids want a villa in Mexico with a chef and to build a computer.

After banking £100,000, the jackpot reached £1 million with their correct answer of 29 for the question “2024 marks how many years since Blur beat Oasis to the UK number one spot with the song Country House”.

Host Ant asked Charlie why he was “so calm” when he was “hyperventilating” at seeing the total prize money.

When they won, Limitless Win hosts Ant and Dec jumped around the stage while Charlie and Helen embraced.

Helen described the moment as “surreal”.

“Honestly it’s like a dream,” she said.

Keighley News: Helen and Charlie will pay off their mortgage with their winningsHelen and Charlie will pay off their mortgage with their winnings (Image: ITV)

The married couple then lost lives when they were asked a question about the weight of Marvel character Captain America’s shield.

When they were unsure of an answer about Nasa’s Perseverance Rover on Mars, the pair cashed out at £1 million.

“It’s been amazing from start to finish, it’s going to take a while to sink in, I think,” Helen said.

Backstage, the couple seemed emotional after winning.

After the show aired, Charlie said: “We are going to take our time deciding what to do as this will change things significantly for us.

“We will pay off our mortgage and Helen has a significant birthday this year, so we are planning to go to New Zealand to see one of Helen’s closest friends who lives there.

“We also need a new (second hand) car which might now be a bit nicer than we were planning. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us so we will use the majority of it to set us and our children up for the future.”

Watch as couple take home £1 million

He said they first told Helen’s mother and father, who were on holiday at their house, and “their jaws dropped when we told them how much”.

Charlie also said: “On the morning of the record, we talked about having a code between us should a question come up that one of us was absolutely 100% certain about.

“That way we could go for the big answer if it came along. We decided to use the code ‘I know, know the answer’.

“As soon as that question came up, I realised that I knew, knew it – 100% – so there was nothing to be nervous about. The only time we realised the scale of it was when we locked in the answer and the whole audience gasped.

“But although I knew the answer, the only reason we were able to walk away with the money is because Helen 100% trusted me to lock the answer in – that level of trust means more to me than the money ever will.”

He also said that he and Helen were “lucky”, so “if we can do it then I’m sure others will be able to win even more in the future”.

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