Eamonn Holmes has opened up about a huge disagreement between himself and Ruth Langsford amid their recently announced marital split.

The former This Morning presenter revealed that he has always wanted to 'go home' to Northern Ireland while Ruth has been less than enthused by the idea.

He explained to fans: “I’ve always pined to go back to Belfast because that’s what I associate with company and friendship and craic.

"I’d love to have a house – nowadays probably a bungalow – with a sea view. I’d love to breathe in sea air and I always associate that with Ireland.

"I think that would make me happy. Trouble is, Ruth wouldn’t go. That’s a little snag. She wouldn’t go. I do like the idea. I do like the idea of being there.”

Eamonn Holmes says London life 'not for him' as he pines for Northern Ireland

Before splitting, Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford shared a six-bedroom home in Surrey but the GB News star has now said he never considered England home.

According to the Mirror, he said: “I’ve never taken to London life; it’s never been for me. It’s not what I would call home.

“I go back to Ireland all the time and everybody I know is there – my four other brothers, two of my children and my grandchild is there as well. So, it’s always had a call for me to be back in Northern Ireland. That stretch of water is a big divide. I find London can be very lonely.

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“I don’t have the same friendships or camaraderie with people that I know in London, because it’s all so disparate and far apart. I’ve never felt it to be home or somewhere that I would call home. You need mates. In the London area you’re miles away from everyone.”

Throughout their television career, the couple were renowned for their disagreements with some of these 'arguments' spilling out while they presented.

However, the pair claimed that this bickering came from a place of affection and that they had a strong relationship.