EE has launched a new subscription service designed to protect users from nuisance calls and scams.

Called Scam Guard, the new service is being made available to EE pay-monthly mobile customers, starting from £1 a month.

Around 40% of crimes committed across the UK are fraud-based, according to Government research, while nearly all (around 96%) of mobile phone users said they experienced nuisance calls on a regular basis.

EE said it hoped the new service would both eliminate the stress of cybersecurity and understanding the technology around it, as well as educate users on the subject.

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EE launches new scam prevention service

EE, which is part of the BT Group, said the new service would use AI to spot likely spam calls and alert users to them, as well as sending alerts if a user’s personal information was found on the dark web and offering tips on how to secure any in-danger accounts.

The service would also offer anti-virus and malware protection for two devices and tools for stronger password creation and social media security via EE’s Cyber Security Duo offering, which was included free for three months.

Policy director for BT, Helen Burrows, said: “We have always prioritised the protection of our customers and our investment in Scam Guard is something we are all incredibly proud of.

“We truly believe it will make a significant contribution to the prevention of scams and fraudsters.


“EE was a founding member of Stop Scams UK, and part of a cross-industry alliance to share intelligence on scams.

“We also employ security experts and network-level security to safeguard our network and customers from cyber attacks.

“This is something we take seriously, and while we already block an impressive number of scams, there is always more that we can do. Scam Guard covers all bases so customers can feel safer on our network.”