The village bowling club pavilion could be offered as a meeting place for young people, a councillor has suggested.

The idea was mooted by Steeton-with-Eastburb Parish Council chairman Cllr David Mullen following a debate over budgeting for another six months for a youth service activity van.

Over the summer months a van containing sports equipment and laptops has visited the grounds of St Stephen’s Church, in Steeton, to provide leisure activities for the parish’s youth, following complaints about a lack of provision.

The council paid £3,300 for two youth workers and one van to come every week for six months.

After a meeting with the youth service leaders, councillors Karen Pickard and Natalie Henson advised the council that it should carry on with the scheme.

Cllr Pickard said: “They are getting between eight and ten people turning up on a regular basis and now have the contact details for over 37 people. It is not going to take off overnight but it is going.”

Cllr Henson said the youth workers were looking into running different activities, such as a graffiti session and DJ-ing lessons.

Cllr Mullen suggested using the parish council-owned bowling pavilion as an indoor facility for the youth workers but this met with some opposition.

Cllr Hilda Townend said she thought the bowling club, which currently uses the building, would go “bonkers” at the idea.

Cllr Mullen however said the building was for the whole community to use and not just the bowling club.

Cllr Su Thompson agreed and asked: “Why is there an assumption that a group of teenagers is going to come in and trash the place?”

As liaison officer for the bowling club, Cllr John Weller was asked his opinion but said he would not be happy with it.

Cllr Henson added: “If you say that it is like a self-fulfilling prophecy, if that is expected of them that is how they will behave. We have to give them a chance.”

The council resolved to budget provisionally for £3,300 for another six months of the youth service van and decided to write to the bowling club to inform it of their intention to share the use of the pavilion.