A young Steeton woman attacked nightclub bouncers after drinking five pints of lager, Skipton Magistrates heard.

Rachel Sellars, 20, had been thrown out of Skipton’s Strata Club on December 12 after getting into a fight with another woman, the court heard.

She believed she had been wrongly singled out and had thrown several punches at the club staff.

Passing police had seen the scuffle outside the Keighley Road club and arrested Sellars, who spent the night in the police station.

Prosecutor Alison Whiteley said Sellars had taken four or five wide punches at bouncers which did not make contact but were seen by passers-by.

Sellars told police that in her drunken state she had accidentally bumped into another woman, which had set off a scuffle.

Mrs Whiteley said Sellars, who had previous convictions for violence and assault, had felt angry and believed she had been picked on unfairly by the club’s bouncers.

Sellars, of Whitley Head, who had recently returned from a temporary job in Gran Canaria, accepted that she had a drink problem and was currently living with her aunt, the court heard.

In mitigation, Glen Maude said the majority of Sellars’s trouble was caused by her over-drinking.

“Her parents have said to her because of her drinking they are not prepared for her to live with them,” said Miss Maude.

She said Sellars had now stopped drinking and was seeking help.

Sellars admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour.

Her case was adjourned until January 28 for reports.