A 20-year-old Steeton woman lost her temper after being thrown out of a Skipton club, a court heard.

Rachel Sellars threw punches at the door staff after being carried out of The Strata, Keighley Road, on December 20.

Skipton Magistrates heard last Wednesday that Sellars, who hopes to join the army, was “merry drunk” after drinking five pints of lager.

She had been at the club after recently returning from a job in Gran Canaria and had got into a scuffle with another woman after bumping into her.

Prosecuting, Hilary Reece said bouncers had removed her from the club but that once outside she had taken four or five wide punches at them.

A passing police patrol had got involved and had restrained her with arm entanglements and handcuffs, arrested her and taken her to the police station.

Sellars, who admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, was already banned from pubs in the town, the court heard.

In mitigation, Glen Chivers said Sellars, of Whitley Head, had been at the club with friends and family and had got into a scuffle with another woman after mistakingly bumping into her.

He said she had been physically lifted out of the club and had become agitated because all her belongings were still inside.

Mr Chivers added that Sellars recognised she behaved badly after drinking and had not been out since December.

Sellars was given a three-month community order, including a three-month supervision order.

The order includes a curfew, requiring her to return to her home address on Fridays and Saturdays between 7pm and 7am. She was also ordered to pay £43 costs.

A police application for an ASBO to be imposed on Sellars was adjourned until Friday, February 13.