Councillor John Weller reported to PC Peter Merrifield and PCSO Andrew Blood that a car had recently been travelling at speed down Elmsley Street and doing handbrake turns at the bottom.

He also told Steeton-with-Eastburn Parish Council a group of youngsters had been knocking on doors down the street and scaring residents.

Cllr Hargreaves reported cars travelling too fast down Barrows Lane around teatime and in the morning.

The police representatives said they could conduct speed checks in the area.

Cllr Roger Lambert added that he had also spotted youths and a young man running around on the roof of Kadughli House, at the bottom of Elmsley Street.

PC Merrifield said councillors and the public could have special screws put on their car number plates to prevent them being stolen. Police will be fitting the screws to plates for free in the car park at Airedale Hospital, between 10am-noon, on Saturday, February 21.