A community housing firm is set to “regenerate” all its homes in Steeton and Eastburn to bring them up to government standards by 2010.

The refurbishments could mean that dozens of elderly people are uprooted from their homes while the work is in progress.

InCommunities’ neighbourhood officer, Tracey Laycock, told the parish council that each householder would receive a health check and house survey to determine what work should be done and if the occupant needed to be temporarily re-housed.

She said: “We are rewiring houses that need it, putting in new kitchens and bathrooms where needed and outside lighting and burglar alarms. People either usually go and stay with friends while the work is being done, go on holiday or we can get them into guest rooms in a sheltered complex.”

All the work must be completed by June next year and would also be taking place in Utley, Silsden, Haworth and East Morton, the officer said.