A campaign has been launched to save a rare Second World War pillbox near the former site of a munitions factory used in the film Yanks.

The two-storey brick building, in Steeton, is thought to be one of only two of its kind in the country.

It is among three pillboxes linked to the former Royal Ordnance Factory. The other two are single-storey and considered less important as they are relatively common.

They were built as defences for the munitions plant and manned by a factory-based Home Guard unit.

English Heritage is considering an application to either list or schedule the two-storey structure and is preparing a report for the Department of Culture.

The munitions factory site was used by American director John Schlesinger to shoot scenes for his 1979 film charting life on a US army base.

The pillboxes are on land off Thornhill Road, where planning permission has been given to Skipton Properties to build 229 homes.

Peter Whitaker, a member of the Haworth Home Guard re-enactment group, said: “I think it’s important to save the building because it’s rare, but also it would be preserving what little is left of that factory.” He has personal links to the pillbox through the filming of Yanks. He was an extra in the production.