Keighley Town Council says it expects its North Street civic centre to make money even in a “worst case” scenario.

The town’s mayor, Councillor George Metcalf, this week hit back at claims that the new facility had suffered serious financial losses.

In a statement provided to the Keighley News on Tuesday he said: “The Civic Centre finances have not been in a loss situation and to date are still in the black.

“It is anticipated that the annual minimum expected income will be £219,000. The committed expected expenses per year for the civic centre will be £216,000.

“These figures do not include any profit share and are based on worst case scenario figures.”

Coun Metcalf was responding to warnings by Riddlesden resident Graham Forsyth, who said his own calculations indicated the centre lost money in May and June.

He said he had worked out a deficit in the centre’s finances after making a Freedom Of Information request and also receiving two recent town council income and expenditure documents marked ‘confidential’.

These documents were passed to him by a town councillor who wanted their content to be made public.

But Coun Metcalf said the details Mr Forsyth collated bear no relation to the centre’s actual financial position.

The mayor added: “Councillor [Ron] Beale has disclosed that both he and Councillor B[rian] Hudson gave confidential information to third parties.

“This information was left insecure by Councillor Beale’s partner who is a member of the finance committee.”

Coun Beale responded: “Yes, I found the information and yes I leaked it to a third party. I think people ought to know about it - it’s their money.”

Coun Hudson said: “If we had sight of something they say we shouldn’t have had sight of, then why should we not have seen it? We’re councillors like they are, why are they being secretive?”

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