Sunday saw the return of trials to Addingham Moorside after a break of several months.

However, this wasn't motor bike trials this was push bike trials, an ever increasingly popular sport that is attracting entries of up to 100 riders at each event and a local club, Tyke Trials, is right in the heart of the action.

Tyke Trials ran the fifth round of the UK National Bike Trials championship on Sunday, which attracted over 70 riders to the Addingham Moorside venue.

Ten sections had been laid out the previous day and were to be tackled twice.

The sections are very similar to motor bike sections but in places are far more spectacular because you can get a mountain bike up some seemingly impossible rocks if you know how to!

As this was a locally organised event, there were plenty of riders from the Keighley, Skipton and Silsden areas with local riders featuring in the top three of most of the classes.

The classes are based on age with riders as young as six able to compete. For example young Thomas Lampkin, nephew of Silsden's world motor bike trials rider Dougie Lampkin, is continuing his family's presence in the trials scene and rode well in this popular event.

There were a total of 11 riders under the age of ten competing on Sunday which shows just how popular this sport is with the youngsters.

Local lad Robbie Peacock from Cross Hills, who is the current British Poussin champion, took a well earned victory in his class on the day and was out on his new trials bike.

Adam Raven brought home the first place medal in the beginner's class and Megan Roberts came top of the Femina class.

The boys at the top of the game, the masters and the elite riders seem to have nerves of steel and the ability to defy gravity.

Hopping up a five foot vertical rock face is nothing to them as is jumping across a eight foot wide gap - It's all in a days riding!

The Tyke Trials club boasts a world champion in its membership and several riders who compete in the world series at all levels.

Ben Savage, who was the winner of the Addingham Moorside Cup for the rider who dropped the least marks, had only just returned from a recent world round in the Czech Republic four days before riding this event and had achieved a very impressive second in class.

This only goes to help bring on the rest of the riders at the events as they can watch and talk to these amazing riders and try to emulate their heroes.

Savage took first place in the masters class on the day with Keighley rider Wayne Mahomet seemed to perform at his best when the heavens opened and gave a superb demonstration of sheer skill and determination on one of the sections as the rain poured down.

The event was rounded off in glorious sunshine and finalised with the awards ceremony.

Guest of honour was the deputy Lord Mayor of Silsden Keith Savage who handed out the awards to the riders and who also gave a very positive and encouraging speech regarding the future of Addingham Moorside and the event he had witnessed.

It was a fitting end to this event and proved just what a superb venue Addingham Moorside is.

Event organiser Barbara Wright said that the venue, which had been closed to trials events earlier in the year, returned when organisers managed to persuade the Council to allow them to host a few push bike trials events there a year.

A world round was held there several years ago and organisers are hoping for another world round to come back to the UK.

For more information on this up and coming sport and details of how to get into bike trials and when and where the next events will be visit