STEVE Gill has stepped down as general manager at Keighley Cougars, admitting he had 'no option' in the current wages crisis surrounding the club.

Speaking to BBC Radio Leeds, Gill said he felt 'devastated' at the situation, which has seen a player exodus - with Scott Law the latest big name to leave - and Craig Lingard quit as head coach.

Gill said: "I don't feel I can justify my job and move forward while the club is in special measures, while we have got players leaving us hand over fist and while players are not getting paid.

"I don't feel I can do my job as I need to."

Players and staff say wages have been unpaid going back to August, claiming that the latest deadline being missed was on Tuesday.

Cougars owners Austria Holdings released a statement yesterday refuting those allegations and citing 'incorrect reporting'.

But Gill departs admitting the crisis is 'as bad as it's ever been'.

He said: "Every time we've taken a step forward we've then taken two steps back.

"This could have been sorted out two months back. Broken promises don't sit well with me. I'd no option but to say 'enough's enough'."

Gill added: "I've lost strength and conditioners, assistant coaches and I've lost one of the closest people I've had in Craig Lingard.

"He has been an absolute gent, loyal and everything you want in a head coach."