Keighley Cougars legend James ‘Buster’ Feather has said in an interview with BBC Radio Leeds that he is happy to be returning to the club as a player for the forthcoming 2019 season.

The former captain retired at the end of the 2017 campaign and joined the coaching staff under Craig Lingard.

But he put his boots back on last summer to help the club out amid financial difficulties.

Feather told West Yorkshire Sport: “I retired for the wrong reasons really, personal reasons. When I was watching the games last year I really missed being out there, I felt that when I dropped into training I still had enough to offer.

“When Craig invited me back into play when the club were struggling financially I said yes I’ll come and play.”

Speaking about next season, he said: "If I play one game, I play one game. If I play them all I play them all. I’ll be working as hard as anybody to put pressure on them all and hopefully I might get a shot.”

Feather also explained how he was pleased that the club had taken their first step forward in returning to training on Tuesday following a drawn-out dispute over wages.

After the players received overdue payments, coach Craig Lingard and general manager Steve Gill announced their returned to the League One club this week.

Feather added: "I’m chuffed to see the lads back out there, not only as a player over the last 17 years, I’ve also been a lifelong supporter of the club since I was seven years old.

“A couple of weeks ago there was a massive possibility that there wasn’t going to be a Keighley Cougars so I thought all the hard work and enjoyment over the last 17 years had gone.”

“When false promises were being made, this is when it started to upset players.

“Fortunately the players have been paid and we have been told that there is a business plan in place so we have a team.

“I was very surprised that the money dropped last week because of the problems we’ve had.”

Feather confirmed 2019 would be his final year of playing before he commits purely to coaching.