IT is almost a month after the close season ended and a large number of anglers, possibly encouraged by the fine weather, have returned to the river bank.

Despite fish remaining slightly docile in the warm water during daytime, Keighley Angling Club obtained reports of bountiful morning and evening catches at several points along the River Aire, especially at Kildwick and Utley, where the pegs have been cut and tidied up.

Chub and trout have been tempted to the bank by mixed maggot fished with feeder and float techniques.

Worm anglers have also fared well using waggler and stick float methods.

The club awaits the first open-season catch of an elusive barbel - a species known to inhabit local waters.

Stillwaters remain challenging but anglers with the right combination of dedication, skill or sheer good luck can count on some extremely large carp, tench and pike which patrol the waters of Whitfield Loch above Steeton and at Robert’s Pond, Utley.

Keighley club was pleased to note reports of two fly anglers who were spotted on the Aire between Silsden and Kildwick, one of whom landed a small brown trout tempted by an olive nymph retrieved slowly through the water.

Although it is not yet known whether they had much success overall, the club is keen to encourage more people to come and try their hand at fly fishing on Keighley waters where trout are plentiful.

Anyone wishing to report a notable catch should contact Simon Wilkinson whose number is in the club members’ book.