LUMB Waterfall, way up on the Pennine hills near Laneshawbridge, was user friendly for 43 trials riders on Saturday afternoon who competed in the sixth W.B.S championship trial.

Series sponsor Nathan Wrigglesworth plotted a longer course than usual, venturing to the south pasture, but the stream in deep valley and the section 10, way up above the openers produced steep climbs for the fifth to seventh sections.

The third and fifth section tracked the stream with the 10-hard route contenders faced with steep grassy banks then tight descents into the stream bed.

Wrigglesworth cleaned the fifth on all four laps.

Sam Lampkin was near and managed two clean rides while Sam Boocock to the Wrigglesworth line for three cleans.

Tom Rushton joined the elite on lap four after a dab on the previous three laps.

Only four contended Clubman A where Luke Standring excelled on his Beta.

Twenty four rode the milder Clubman B route where Robin Luscombe was the top gun his Pre-65 Triumph Cub.

He path picked his way to a mere five-mark penalty which was half the score of top novice Rob Chadwick and his Beta.

Mention must be made of Class B boy Max Chadwick's overall seventh place on the hard route and Josh Pearson's overall sixth place in Clubman B, yet another promising youngster from Skipton climbing the results.

Josh's great grandfather could by the legendary Tommy Wortley, who was a factory AJS teamster.

The club will start to plan the annual John Metcalfe Trophy Trial on October 27. The venue is: New Bridge Farm, Sutton In Craven, BD20 7BD. Regulations are out now.

Results: Hard course: Experts: Nathan Wrigglesworth (Sherco) 4. Inters: Tom Rushton (Vertigo) 24, Anthony Ayrton (TRS) 34, Sam Boocock (Sherco) 36. Novices: Robert Berry (Beta) 75, Sam Lampkin (Beta) 76, Michael Winstanley (TRS) 110.

Youth Class A: Ethan Chapman (Scorpa) 105. Youth Class B: Max Chadwick (Beta) 79.

Clubman A: Novices: Luke Standring (Beta) 24, John Holdsworth (Beta) 27, Chris Harsley (Beta) 69.

Clubman B: Novices: Rob Chadwick 10, Peter Hollingworth 17, Jonathon Jackson 19. (All Beta). Pre-65: Robin Luscombe (Triumph) 5. Youth Class A: Oliver Winstanley (Beta) 42. Youth Class B: Josh Pearson (Beta) 25. Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 39, James Clough (Beta) 192.

Beginner's course: Novices: Richard Radcliffe 8, Simon Graeme 10, David Liddle 22. (All Beta). Youth Class C: Harry Radcliffe (Beta) 23, Jamie Graeme (Oset) 29, Jonnie Fannon (TRS) 59.

Meanwhile, a fine sunny and warm day for the sixth event in the club's new Novice & Beginners series.

Thirty six competitors dropped in Post Hill to ride a full 10-section four-lap trial on the slopes of the densely-wooded former scramble circuit of the 1970s.

Again Jeff Prior and his West Leeds trials team plotted a mild course with low scores in all three classes.

Dry conditions led to some low scoring on the main route with seven riders finishing in single figures on the main route, Chris Hunt once again reigned supreme taking the win by going clean.

On the 50/50 route it was veteran rider Mick Kettlewell repeating the triumph of his previous win with a loss of five marks.

The Beginners route was won by Jason Seymour with a loss of two marks. Three riders managing to finish in single figures on this route.

Although it was a low scoring event there were still a good spread of marks on each of the three routes.

The club will run again another Novice and Beginners trial on October 19.

Will Post Hill still by dry underfoot as winter approaches?

Results: Hard course: Novices: Chris Hunt (Gas Gas) 0, Paul Kettlewell (Sherco) 1 fc, Jeff Prior (Vertigo) 3.

Over 40s: Steven Fowler (Beta) 1, Chris Manby (Gas Gas) 21.

Over 50s: Nigel Crowther (Vertigo) 3 fc, Kevin Alderson (TRS) 12, John Wilkinson (Gas Gas) 12.

50/50 course: Novices: Graham Wigglesworth (TRS) 18. Gareth Mitchell (Beta) 28. Over 40s: Simon Fowler (Montesa) 11, Martyn Pinder (Sherco) 62.

Over 50s: Richard Hall (Beta) 21, Ian Brogden (Beta) 22, Over 60's: Mick Kettlewell (TRS) 5, Nick Hammerton (Honda) 16 mc, Youth Class A: Reece Seymour (Montesa) 16, Youth Class C: Zachary Sellers (Beta) 26.

Easy course: Over 40s: Jason Seymour (Montesa) 2.

Over 50s: Ged Fallon (TRS) 5, Nick Maffin (Beta) 14 Over 60s: Steve Wicks (Sherco) 6, Paul Hobson (Honda) 12, Nigel Barrett (Beta) 41. Pre-65: Peter Russell (Sprite) 13.

Youth Class C: Jack Pullan (Beta) 21.

Disappointing would be the expression used by the Huddersfield Falcon Motor Club trials organisers when only 25 competitors contested the annual A.A.Westerby Yorkshire Centre Championship Trial on Sunday at Moorfield Farm high on Cartworth Moor.

The 15-section course was ridden three times by all classes with novices only riding three section route options.

Results: Championship course: Ben Robinson (Jotagas) 72, Matt Jackson (Gas Gas) 115, Jake Eley (Beta) 127.

Clubman A: Andrew Jackson (Gas Gas)23, Paul Gravestock (Scorpa) 50, Michael Benn (Gas Gas) 55.

Clubman B: Ian Haigh (Montesa) 7, Tony Heath (Beta) 15, Andy Turner (Beta) 23.

Guy Kendrew and Richard Sadler headed the Expert class in the national Travers Trophy Trial at Allenheads on Sunday ahead of Andy Chilton and Dan Thorpe.

Wrexham competitor Tony Buckley won the Clubman class. The event started in sunny conditions but two torrential rainfalls turned the trial into an ordeal.