Airedale Ladies II 0

University of Leeds Ladies V 5

AIREDALE fell to a home defeat despite a bright start in this Yorkshire Division One clash.

The return of Georgie Fort was a welcome one as Airedale became reliant on her in central midfield.

Propelling the ball towards the forwards, Fort and Sam Fawcett held possession to create some early chances for the hosts.

Airedale’s defence held their line well and Lindsey Carey and Anne Stone made some valuable clearances.

Katie Armitage ran the right wing and Ruth Butler controlled the left continuing to push forward, while also tracking back when needed.

Late on in the first half, however, a chaotic cluster of players flooded the D and Leeds took advantage of the opportunity to take the lead.

The second half saw tactical play from Airedale with Faye Beedle belting the ball upfield to forwards Charlotte Hutchinson and Karen Greenhorn.

Leeds quickly fought back and scored again.

Georgina Mumby was crucial in ensuring the clearance of a series of long corners.

However, Leeds had gained a momentum that Airedale could not challenge and conceded another three goals in quick succession.