AIREDALE II were in great form as they crushed City of York VI 6-1 in North Yorkshire.

The home side opened the scoring after strong defensive efforts held Airedale at bay.

This was until Faye Beedle took possession and weaved her way through the opposition to smash in an outstanding equaliser.

Shortly afterwards, Georgie Fort blasted the ball past the York goalkeeper to put the visitors in the lead.

Defender Claire Spiller put in some outstanding clearances to ensure the away side held onto their lead going into the break.

Airedale continued their dominance in the second half when Georgina Mumby secured a third goal with her quick reflexes netting a rebound.

Charlotte Hutchinson made excellent passes to Player of the Match Ruth Butler who was instrumental in creating chances for the forwards.

A fourth was soon added after Lindsey Carey found herself perfectly spaced to find the back of the net.

York’s attempts to claw something back proved unsuccessful after Claire White produced some spectacular saves.

An exceptional clearance on the line from Anne Stone was coupled with Emma Tuddenham continuing to make fantastic runs down the right wing to keep play in the attacking D.

Adele Haughey got on the scoresheet after defeating the keeper with a clinical flick.

The game ended on one last high when Airedale were awarded a short corner in the final seconds in which Carey converted with a unstoppable hit.