SILSDEN'S Danny Whitaker has been drafted in as a late replacement for a prestigious national televised boxing tournament.

The 'Big Dawg' will face the unbeaten Jonathan Palata in the Ultimate Boxxer 6 live on BT Sport, after replacing Sean 'Big Sexy' Turner in the green shorts for the 3x3-minute round heavyweight event.

The 2-0 fighter joins Nick Webb, Kamil Sokolowski, Jay Mcfarlane, Palata, Chris Healey, Mark Bennett and Halifax's Josh Sandland, as the other contenders in the eight-man knockout competition, held at the Manchester Ice Arena on Friday, December 13.

The quick-fire tournament has taken the boxing world by storm, providing fighters, who do not have the backing of the big-name promoters, a chance to shine on the national stage.

Whitaker says he was a replacement for another fighter who pulled out, but is now determined to launch an assault on the golden robes title.

He said: "Originally I was in the line-up but because I have only had two pro fights so far, they found someone a bit more experienced and put him in it.

"One of the fighters then pulled out of the show, I don’t know why, so they came back to me and I said I could take his place.

"It is short notice but I only boxed three weeks ago in Blackburn so it is too good of an opportunity to turn down.

"My fitness is there, I just need to tweak a few things because its on 3x3-minute rounds.

"It suits my style perfectly, I used to do white collar boxing and that was a similar sort of format, I won the prize-fighter event in that.

"Although that experience wasn't at this level, I have been in those positions before so I am looking forward to it.

"Obviously I want to win it but I understand I am the least favourite and least experienced.

"A lot of the other fighters won't know much about me, coming in at short notice, I am not too bothered who I get.

"I always get nerves, but my coach always says they are a good thing as long as you keep them on your side and don’t get overawed by them.

"It is not only the TV side of things, it is the press conference, which is all new. I am a bit nervous but I am just going to take all that in my stride.

"I love watching them (the previous Ultimate Boxxer's) and the explosiveness of the tournament, everybody is aiming to get knockouts and it is entertaining to watch.

"People know the fighters will be going for it, rather than being more strategically to get through the rounds."

The 28-year-old trains between Boxxfit in Guiseley with his strength and conditioning coach, Craig Wood, and at the NCAA in Silsden, with boxing trainer and former karate world champion, Paul Newby.

Whitaker wants to focus on gaining titles in the upcoming years and believes a win in Manchester could be the perfect early Christmas present for him and his young family.

He said: "I went pro because a lot of people said I was too good for the white collar stuff.

"At my age, I needed to take the leap or it would have been a what if.

"I have always said I will just go as far as I can, you never know how far you can go.

"Ideally, I want to work my way towards a central area title in the next few years which is probably the toughest area title in the UK to win.

"I don’t want to delude myself in thinking I am going to be the next best, I want to keep myself grounded and not embarrass myself.

"I have only just had my daughter which gives me a bit more motivation to smash this tournament and give my family a nice pay day for Christmas."