THE pike season is well under way, and with several large fish known to patrol local waters, Keighley Angling Club has issued a seasonal message to its members: 'You’re going to need a bigger float.'

Bob Granger, deputy chairman, said: "We are very fortunate that the River Aire flowing through Keighley is home to some of the finest pike anywhere in Yorkshire.

"In fact one is so magnificent, she has been given her own name and is well known to local anglers.

"Last seen weighing 28lb, the pike we call Paddletail has been living in our river for many years where she has flourished in the clean, healthy waters pre-dating small trout and many other species.

"We know Paddletail is not alone because we have also received reports of three more pike weighing 17lb, 15lb and 14lb 4oz being brought to the bank at various stretches along the river. All were caught using either lure or deadbait methods."

Canal and still waters belonging to the club also play host to a number of impressive pike. A fish weighing 12lb 7oz was netted on the canal by Keighley angler M Whitaker.

While all fish were safely returned to the water; Keighley Angling Club has reminded its members to use the correct equipment including a suitably large net and landing mat to ensure the pike are handled with appropriate care.