PLUNGING temperatures and heavy rain have failed to dampen the enthusiasm of Keighley’s most ardent anglers over the last week or two.

Keighley Angling Club received reports of multiple catches of trout, grayling and chub.

Fourteen grayling, the largest weighing 2lb 5oz, were netted and returned by a lone angler during a two-hour session on the River Aire near Kildwick.

All were caught using the stick method with white maggot.

Bob Granger, acting chairman of the Keighley club, said: “We are proud that Keighley is home to large numbers of grayling.

“This species is one of the reasons our club has flourished in recent years because it is known to inhabit only clean and healthy waters.

“This recent haul indicates that the River Aire remains in good condition.

“We are grateful to our monitors, who keep a close eye on all kinds of illegal activity, including poaching and reporting any pollution, so issues can be dealt with promptly.

“However, two rivers flow through our town, so we were saddened to read recent newspaper reports that the River Worth, which is not regulated by our club, is occasionally targeted by fly-tippers.

“As a responsible organisation, we urge people to respect the local environment and its wildlife.”

The chub is another species that has bred successfully in the Aire. Two netted near Utley last week weighed 4lb 4oz and 4lb 6oz, although both were eclipsed by a fin perfect 7lb 2oz specimen caught by the same angler, ledgering with fish paste and bread flakes.

On the canal, perch have been actively chasing smaller fish but seem unable to resist maggot suspended under a stick float or a waggler. Skimmer and roach have also featured in canal-catch reports.

Keighley Angling Club yearbooks are on sale in local tackle shops.

For those who are willing to brave the elements, the club recommends targeting chub with breadflake, especially in deep pools between Silsden and Keighley.

Grayling and trout are also on the lookout for food and can be tempted by red maggot.

As water levels remain quite high, the club cautions everyone to be careful along the riverbank.