ELDWICK & Gilstead picked up their first trophy in 30 years last summer, when they won Group D of the Craven League’s Covid Regional Competition.

The last time they had scooped any silverware was way back in 1990, when they won the Bradford Central League’s Waddilove Trophy.

And E&G have kept it in the family, with Daniel Kilvington opening the batting for the title winners in 2020, and dad Roy lifting the cup as captain three decades ago.

Speaking to the Telegraph & Argus about the team that we see today, Daniel, who grew up in Eldwick but now lives in Cullingworth, said: "It's been 30 years of hurt, and being in the wilderness really.

"The team has nearly folded on a couple of a occasions since 1990 and I want to take my hat off to our captain Arnie Raistrick, who has kept us going and is a fearless leader.

"To win a trophy, given all the struggles we've had on and off the pitch, makes things even sweeter, and it was nice to celebrate it 30 years after my dad lifted the cup."

The younger Kilvington played down his own ability though, laughing: "Dad's had two knee replacements and I think he's still a better batsman than me.

"I grind it out in every game, a bit like Geoffrey Boycott, and I'm probably the most boring batsman that's ever lived. But it's my job to frustrate the opposition at the top of the order.

"Dad was the team's opener and skipper in the 1980s and 1990s and he's a legend of Eldwick & Gilstead.

"He led probably the most successful side in the club's history and was always top of the batting averages."

Roy was far too modest to blow his own trumpet, but was delighted to see E&G back among the silverware again, saying: "It's wonderful to see them having success after a few barren years.

"A lot of things have changed over the last 10 or 15 years. They left the old ground at High Eldwick, moved around a bit, and now ground share with Riddlesden.

"Like a lot of clubs, they've gone from two teams down to one as well.

"Over the years, all clubs go through ups and downs, but they've got a good team there now and it was nice to see them win something last season."

It was a lengthy association with the club for Roy, who said: "I'm a Bingley lad, and I started playing for Eldwick as a junior back in 1969.

"Back in 1990 we won the Waddilove Trophy, but we had a bit of success just before that too.

"We won the Dales Council League in 1988, and moved into the Bradford Central League for 1989, where we were promoted to the Second Division after our first season.

"We won that Waddilove Trophy in 1990 against all the odds really. We beat three First Division teams, including Shelf, who'd won it the year before, and triumphed over Harden in the final at Park Avenue.

"We had a good side, which included Bob Clark, who'd played for and captained Cleckheaton in the Bradford League.

"He made a difference, as did some talented juniors, but we still weren't in Harden's class.

"I remember chatting to David Markham at the T&A in the week leading up to the final, and it was billed as a David versus Goliath clash.

"I stayed with the team for a long time after that, and didn't retire until about 2008, by which point I was in my mid-fifties."

Reminiscing about the part he played in a young Daniel's growth as a cricketer, Roy recalled: "I coached the juniors at E&G when Dan was that age, but back then he had no interest in cricket whatsoever.

"He just used to field at fine leg as he was scared of the ball.

"But now he's besotted with the game, he grew to love it, and there's one or two others from those juniors I coached that are now in the first team.

"If you can get a few youngsters playing as adults all those years later, you feel like you've done your job as a coach."

But Roy has taken a back seat these days, admitting: "I don't really get to see the team's games any more, as I'm always playing golf on Saturday afternoons.

"It was so strange when I retired from cricket, as I'd played it virtually all my life.

"It's such a social game and it left a massive void on weekends, which golf has now filled for me."