SILSDEN boxer Danny Whitaker is eyeing up his first area title tomorrow, knowing a win could lead to bigger and better things.

The heavyweight is fighting a familiar foe in Sheffield in Chris Healey, who he beat on points last March.

Talking about the big fight night, which will be broadcast live on Fightzone TV, Whitaker said: “It’s my first chance to get an area belt and when I turned pro, my main goal was to get one.

“I’m itching to get it and that’s my main focus, what’s immediately in front of me.

“But with it being 10 rounds and an area fight, a win would offer those big opportunities I want to achieve.

“Your stock goes up, there’s the potential for bigger fights, other boxers who’ve previously not looked at you might be interested, and you could possibly be looking at going for an English title down the line.”

Asked what Healey brings to their Central Area heavyweight title clash, Whitaker said: “He has more experience than me. He had a decent amateur career and has been in the ring with some top heavyweights, with bigger fights than I’ve had.

“It will be chance for both of us to get our first area belts, and I expect he’ll bring everything to the table, so I’ve left no stone unturned in the training camp.

“Our previous fight, he was a last minute stand in, so he’d had no time to prepare, but it was also a switch for me, as it was my first time fighting a southpaw.

“We were both disadvantaged by those things, whereas this time we’ve had plenty of time to train, so you can’t take too much from our last fight.

“It was probably one of my worst performances, and I still managed to scrape a win.

“So if I can get it right and bring the best version of myself this week, which will happen, I should be able to beat the best version of Chris.”

That fight last March was only over four rounds, whereas Whitaker and Healey are set to battle it out over 10 this time around.

But the confident Silsden star said: “It’s my first time at that distance but I’m excited for it.

“Four rounds is good, but if you lose a round or get knocked down, it can ruin it for you or at least leave you with a mountain to climb.

“You can take your time in the fight with it being longer, and put it behind you if you lose a couple of rounds.

“I’ve been sparring for 10 rounds in my training camp, where everything has gone right for me, and to be honest, I hope I won’t need all 10 to beat him anyway.”

The fight is outdoors in the Sheffield Arena Car Park and Whitaker is glad the weather is set fair, saying: “I watched the fights there the other week and the rain and wind were causing issues with the canvas.

“But luckily the forecast is nice this week, so there shouldn’t be any problems.”