This week I'd like to talk a little bit about a great experience for two of our local footballers.

John Butcher of Keighley and Thomas Dibb of Denholme are flying back to Yorkshire today after finishing a football journey in sunny Southern California.

The two lads had been part of a quartet of local footballers trying to make the grade at David Beckham's club LA Galaxy.

While the two youngsters just missed out making it to the final round, they did a fantastic job to get as far as they did.

Their "footballing journey" began last year when local company Rancell UK set up an opportunity for local footballers to earn a trial with LA Galaxy.

A squad was formed and the team played a few games before heading off the America for the trial in July. The team stayed together and are now playing together as Rancell Uni-ted in Division Four of the Bradford Sunday Alliance Football League.

However of the original squad, only four were invited back for the recent trial, although John's mum, Lynne Butcher, said the youngsters had to play a waiting game.

The lads only received an email from the club confirming the trial invitation just a few days before they began on February 9.

"It's all been a bit harried this time," said Lynne.

Although they had little time to organise a flight, they got it done so the lads could have an experience of a lifetime.

When the lads return they have only a few days to prepare for this Sunday's quarter-final match in the Wharfedale & District Football Association Sunday Cup.

Taking into account their experience with LA Galaxy, the lads should be more than ready!