AT the Keighley News, we were promoting this before it went viral, but Chris Melling's mind-boggling, frame-winning pot on Monday night against Gary Clarke has gained major national recognition.

The pair were facing off in Group One of the Ultimate Pool Champions League, and with Melling already 3-1 up and the match virtually wrapped up, he went for broke in the fifth and final frame.

Snookered on his final red, by the 8-ball, with yellows all over the table, he played a near-impossible three-cushion escape to somehow clip his ball into the pocket.

Even more incredibly, that set him up perfectly for the 8-ball, which he rolled in to complete a 4-1 win over Clarke.

The Guardian have shared the video of the clip and uploaded it to their website,, with their near 75,000 followers, have had their say on the pot, while popular sports journalist Sam Farley shared the video of the fifth frame.

Farley's tweet has been viewed by nearly 600,000 people at the time of writing, and has just under 7,000 likes.

Melling, who is aptly known as 'The Magician' in pool circles went on to win his Champions League group, beating Luke Gilbert in a six-red shootout at the end of the night.

That puts the Keighley star into the last-16 of the competition, which will be played later this year.