WAY back in the early 1980s, two characters created their own history in the Richmond areas.

Richmond Construction manager Barry Watson and trials sidecar passenger Ronnie Suttill joined forces to contend national sidecar events from 1975.

Well-known Keighley motor cycle racer and dealer Colin Appleyard spotted their collective talents and offered to sponsor the Coverdale duo.

The exploits of Watson and Suttill always made news in the technical press.

The advent of the agricultural quad took the Appleyard organisation into the farming community and Watson and Suttill furthered the dealer's order book.

Watson and Suttill won the Manx Two Day Trial in 1980 with both awarded the Manx Sword of State as a result.

The driver and passenger also were presented with individual awards.

Forty years later, and both men are still active in motor cycle racing, the sport that gave them so much, and a sport they gave so much too.

Speaking of the modern day, and the big motoocross event this weekend is tomorrow, with the Yorkshire Centre A.C.U. Trials Championship Trial at Keighley Gate.