KEIGHLEY potter Chris Melling certainly has a hectic schedule at present, and one that could pose him a problem.

Having just competed at Matchroom's prestigious European Open, he is now heading off to China to compete for a few weeks.

But he looks set to miss out on a shot at victory, explaining: "I'm off to compete on the China Tour over the next three weeks, with the first tournament starting on August 20 and the second one on September 2.

"With the (Ultimate Pool) Players' Championship coming up, I was looking to get all my flights arranged in good time, as I've been at a wedding in Cyprus, had the European Open in Germany, then was off to China.

"It's been booked for me so I get to China for August 16 (today) and leave on September 6, in time for the Players on September 9.

"But I've since learned that second China tournament doesn't end until after I'm scheduled to go home, so unless they can finish it up early, I can't play in the semis or the final, as I'm committed to the Players.

"It's a really busy time, as I've got the Ultimate Pool Pro Series in mid-September, three exhibitions, then I'm off to play in the US Open.

Keighley News: Chris Melling has tasted success on the Ultimate Pool Pro Series before, and will be aiming to do so again.Chris Melling has tasted success on the Ultimate Pool Pro Series before, and will be aiming to do so again. (Image: Ultimate Pool.)

"A week after it's the Catalonia Pool Festival, then I've got tournaments in Vietnam and China."

Germany was Melling's last destination and reflecting on the European Open, he said: "I thought I played okay in the two wins I had.

"But in my first defeat against Con Salim, I couldn't really get to the table for good chances, as he kept missing but leaving nothing on.

"In my final qualifier to reach the last-64, I lost 9-8 to Mika Immonen but I was very unlucky, as I miscued with four balls left at 8-7 up, then at 8-8 I kept getting snookered and that gave him the chance to win.

"I thought I played really well in the UK Open a couple of months before, beating Thorsten Hohmann and Niels Feijen 10-9.

"Niels produced an unbelievable miss in the decider, but I still had to play a good shot under pressure to win it.

"I didn't do a lot wrong when I lost 10-6 to Ko Ping Chung in the last-16 either."

Keighley ace Melling feels he can adapt to different formats too, saying: "I'm totally fine with it, playing English 8-ball with Ultimate Pool, American 9-ball with Matchroom and then Chinese 8-ball when I'm out there.

"Last time I was in China I came seventh out of 128 entrants for example and only lost to the winner.

"That had happened on the previous occasion I was there too."