I'M sure everyone at Keighley Cougars is gutted.

From following the club in the early '90s and leaving Keighley in 1998, I've never been to so many games in a season as this year. It is a six-hour round trip for me but it's been worth it – three years ago I would never have considered that.

I've personally found in business that mistakes are always made, but it is how we bounce back from them that pushes us for future success.

The town's biggest strength is its people, and its biggest weakness is its people! Travelling the world I've found no other 'clan' as pigheaded, black and white, arrogant, self-assured and yet self-sabotaging – basically we're as weird as heck, but it's our town and where we're from!

Ryan (O'Neill) and Kaue (Garcia) have got the town talking again; win or lose is irrelevant really, it's the connection with the town itself that's working.

It may only be a small gesture, but all being well we'll double our player sponsorship for next season – the reason for that is that I'm from Keighley and I've never backed down from a fight yet.

Joe Smith, director, GreanBase Ltd