YOUNG Keighley taekwondo talent Yvie Ling-Hegarty is celebrating after an extraordinary performance over the weekend.

It was a hugely successful performance from the teenager at the ITFU European Championships in Spain, which saw her win a pair of gold medals while representing England.

One of those came in patterns, with the other in sparring.

She divides her training time between two Keighley clubs, Beanland Taekwon-do and Horizon Taekwondo.

Aside from Yvie, Beanland had seven other athletes out in Madrid representing ITFU England.

Adding in her two triumphs, the club achieved a remarkable seven gold medals, three silvers and six bronzes.

Every one of the eight Beanland competitiors won at least one medal.

Other than Yvie, the full list is as follows:

Filip - gold sparring, silver patterns, gold team sparring

Robin - bronze sparring, silver patterns, gold team sparring

Zain - gold sparring

Rhys - bronze sparring

Samuel - gold sparring, bronze patterns

Adam - silver sparring, silver patterns

Mr Waddington (adult) - bronze patterns, bronze sparring

The 16 medals won by Beanland was a significant proportion of the 84 collected in total by the England team in Spain.

As mentioned earlier, Yvie has a foot in the Horizon Taekwondo camp too, and she was not the only competitor to have success from there either.

Natalie Simpson-Kidd, who coaches at the Keighley club, trains brothers Robin and Rhys Smouse.

The duo were out in Spain alongside Yvie and claimed medals themselves.

Robin won gold in the team sparring event, while picking up bronze in both individual patterns and sparring.

Rhys, his younger sibling, matched him in the latter, picking up his own individual sparring bronze.

Simpson-Kidd said she was so proud of the duo.

Back to Yvie, and the youngster continues to show why she is one of the most talented martial arts prospects in the country.

In October 2022, she won a gold medal in sparring and a silver in patterns at the ITFU World Championships in Argentina.

That matched her efforts at the European Championships in Poland that April.

Her achievements culminated in her winning the Young Sportswoman of the Year at the Bradford Sports Awards in May.

Discussing Yvie's latest success, Simpson-Kidd said: "She'd been doing extra training with us to make sure she was 100 per cent ready for these championships.

"She's been working extremely hard and has really fitted in well at Team Horizon.

"We're all extremely proud of her."

Simpson-Kidd added: "I'm so looking forward to seeing her journey now in Olympic taekwondo with Horizon.

"Later this month, she's actually fighting for the first time in full contact taekwondo."