Talented Cowling youngster Reuben McNally has been chosen to be part of a national motocross development programme with the Nora CRS development team. 

Eleven-year-old Reuben only started riding in August 2020, with his mum Sammy, from Crosshills, and dad Chris, from Silsden, backing him all the way.

Reuben’s first bike was a Honda crf50 but he quickly learned to ride and change gears, so moved up to a 65cc in no time, before entering his first race in July 2021.

After his first race Reuben told his parents that he knew that this was just what he wanted to do.

His best race result is 3rd and now he has turned 11, he has moved up to a gasgas85.

With support from those at Nora, he will be coached by former British Champion and GP rider Stephen Sword and have nutritional help from Coach Robb and his team, who help athletes all over the world.

Reuben is excited for the 2024 season, and is going winter testing in Spain at the start of next year with his kit sponsor Motoloko.

Keighley News: Cowling youngster Reuben McNally in action on track.Cowling youngster Reuben McNally in action on track. (Image: UGC.)

He has lots of upcoming races and championships to compete in after that trip, including MX Masterkids, the Nora92 Championship, Cheshire MX.

With the youngster set to travel all over the UK, he has so much to look forward to. 

Reuben wanted to say the biggest thank you to his sponsors for all the help and support he receives:

These are: Nora CRS development team, Motoloko, CJ Motors Keighley, Jack Croft Oil and Multifuel Services Steeton, Pro Laundry and Catering Services Pontefract. 

You can follow Reubens motocross journey on Instagram and Facebook.

He can be found on both with the username of reuben128mx.